The USI Group consists of seven companies in the core petrochemical industry, five of which (USI, APC, TVCM, CGPC, and TTC) are positioned in the upstream and midstream areas of the industry, one (Swanson) in the downstream, and one (CGTD) in distribution and storage.

In a global and technological environment, USI Group has built itself upon a solid foundation of decades in the petrochemical industry and has expanded operations into the electronics and information industries. After the successive investments in these fields such as creation of Acme Electronics Corporation (1991) and Thintec Materials Corporation (2006), USI Group includes activities such as software and hardware development. Not only did we diversify and expand USI Group's services, we have also effectively improved our management, efficiency and streamlining costs.

Since 1995 we have entered the venture capital industry with investments of USI Investment Co., Ltd., Taiwan United Venture Management Corporation, Taiwan United Venture Capital Corporation, and Chong Loong Trading Co., Ltd. and APC Investment Corporation. We look forward to applying our rich industry experience, sophisticated services by expanding USI Group's presence to mainland China, Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world.