CGPC Polymer Corporation (CGPCPOL)

Address: 12th Fl.,No.37, Ji-Hu Rd., Nei Hu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: (886-2)8751-6888
CGPC Polymer Corporation, 100% owned by China General Plastics Corporation was established in 2010. The company is one of members of USI Group, and the factory is located in Lin-Yuan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
CGPC Polymer Corporation is a professional PVC resin manufacturer with Certificate ISO 9001. The PVC resin sales and production is focused on grade H-61 and H-66 for the applications of pipes, PVC film, ceiling foil, window profile, electric wire & cable, etc., The purpose for the company establishment is to maximize the VCM production by way of PVC resin production and sales for TVCM, the sister company also owned by China General Plastics Corporation. On the other hand, the supply and service for customers located in South of Taiwan can be well serviced and the variable demand of overseas markets can be satisfied because of the better support conditions.
 PVC Resin Products and Applications
   PVC Resins Properties
Grade(Test Method) H-61 H-66
K-value(ISO 1628-2) 60-62 65-67
Degree of Polymerization 800±50 1000±50
Bulk Density(g/cc)(ISO 60) 0.52~0.59 0.48~0.56
Particle Size(45 mesh pass %)(Honeywell SRA-150) ≧99 ≧99
Volatiles(%)(ISO 1269) ≦0.3 ≦0.3
Residual VCM(ppm)(ISO 6401) <1 <1
Grade Applications
H-61 Injection Moulding (Pipe Fitting), Hollow-vacuum Forming (Bottle Blowing), Rigid Film, Shrinkable Film.
H-66 Flexible and Semi-rigid Product For General Purpose (PVC Film, Sheet, Beach Chair, Venetian Blind), Rigid Pipe, Hose, Low Temperature Wire and Cable Insulation.
 Contact Information
Address Tel Attn
Head Office 12F, No.37, Ji Hu Road, Nei Hu Dist., Taipei 11492, Taiwan (886-2) 8751-6888#3708 Otto Hu
Export Sales 7F, No.37, Ji Hu Road, Nei Hu Dist., Taipei 11492, Taiwan (886-2) 8751-6888#3749 Frank Huang